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10 Reasons For a Free Visit to the Santa Barbara County Courthouse

  1. Stunning Local Architecture: The courthouse is an exquisite example of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, with its red tile roofs, white stucco walls, and beautiful arches. It's like stepping back into old-world Spain.

  2. Mural Room: Inside, you’ll find the Mural Room, adorned with colorful and detailed murals depicting the history of Santa Barbara. The craftsmanship and storytelling through art are captivating.

  3. Bell Tower Views: Climb up to the top of the El Mirador clock tower for panoramic views of Santa Barbara, the mountains, and the coastline. It's one of the best viewpoints in the city ( currently under renovation until 7/26/24

  4. Lush Gardens: The courthouse grounds feature beautifully manicured gardens and lawns. It’s a perfect spot for a stroll or a picnic.

  5. Historical Significance: Completed in 1929, the courthouse has a rich history and has been the site of numerous significant events in Santa Barbara's past.

  6. Photography Heaven: Every corner of the courthouse, from its grand staircases to its ornate ironwork and tiled floors, is photogenic. It’s a favorite spot for photographers and Instagrammers.

  7. Free Admission, Free Parking: One of the best parts is that visiting the courthouse is free! You can explore this architectural marvel without spending a dime. Park across the street in a city lot and get 75 minutes of free parking.

  8. Cultural Events: The courthouse often hosts cultural events, including concerts, film screenings, and community gatherings. Check the schedule to see if something is happening during your visit.

  9. Guided Tours: There are free guided tours available that provide deeper insights into the history, architecture, and art of the courthouse. It’s a great way to learn more about what you’re seeing.

  10. Central Downtown Location and Surrounded by Eateries and Entertainment: Just walk one or two streets to get a bite to eat, shop, or see live entertainment. Whether you're a history buff, architecture enthusiast, or just looking for a beautiful place to relax, the Santa Barbara County Courthouse has something for everyone. Enjoy your visit!

GURU TIPS: We especially love seeing newlywed couples out on the lawn taking pictures of their big day, watching dogs roll around on the vast lawns and listening to solo musicians find "their sound" within the open and covered alcoves of the courthouse.

Located at

1100 Anacapa Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93101


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